A Proactive Approach to Google Implementation
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A Proactive Approach to Google Implementation

Roddy Mckaig, VP & CIO, Shaw Industries

Imagine being able to quickly gain access to critical business information, no matter where you are. Simultaneously sharing key information, securely, with the right players, regardless of what mobile or desktop device they are using, is a massively efficient process. Thus, the implementation of Google services has invigorated many of our associates to become creative in the ways they use the tools, and the resulting productivity is measured in both bottom line savings and employee morale. Gmail, Docs and Hangouts all work to keep our associates in contact with the information and people they need, from any device and from any location.

“Gmail, Docs and Hangouts all work to keep our associates in contact with the information and people they need, from any device and from any location”

Outcomes of Google Implementation

When the majority of associates are already familiar with a set of tools in their personal lives, it makes sense for them to embrace those same tools at work. We have been pleasantly surprised and pleased with the depth and capability that Google has in its product offerings. Furthermore, we try to make every possible use of the tools we invest in, and the Google investment has paid off well.


We would sometimes have 10 or 15 copies of a document being emailed around, in various states of edit, all to be combined into a single document, presentation, or spreadsheet. This effort could take weeks for corrections and compiling, and can be a very frustrating job for the associates. Now we can collectively work on these items in a matter of hours; everyone sees and works in the same space, seeing all other edits. The hours of wasted energy have been replaced by productive hours of getting more done. This scenario also brings teams together, regardless of their physical proximity to one another. There is a greater sense of accomplishment in teamwork where the results can be seen quickly.

And there is email. We experienced tremendous amounts of support hours, user outages, and client/server version control issues in our in-house platform. With Google providing that support, we are back to running our business.

Providing best product for best value

Shaw is very similar to Google, we strive to provide the best product for the best value. The value proposition is always top of mind. Google brings value, and so long as they continue to do so, they will be successful in this enterprise, and should be in others. If they remain true to their history of listening to their customers and delivering that value, they will continue to grow their success.

Passion fuels Productivity

Never underestimate passion at the employee level. When your people are passionate, they come up with new ways to be more productive. Our associates want to do a good job, and if we make that easier for them, we all win. Google does a much better job of facilitating what associates want to accomplish than our previous environment did.

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