Top 10 Google Technology Solution Companies - 2019

With innovation knocking the doors of every industry, technology has become a basic necessity for surviving in this ever-evolving world. Globally businesses are increasingly considering best value technologies to derive maximum benefits under limited budgets. Google has been a pioneer in creating such solutions, and thus, whatever they do, becomes a future trend in the market. The ever-present Google is pushing the boundaries with its products, helping many industries achieve maximum profitability and to achieve success on and off the web.

Google has opened up many pathways for businesses to subjugate the complex world of the internet. Since its inception, Google has mutated from being just a search engine to a multinational conglomerate that comprises some of the most prominent ecosystems and organizations upholding the digital revolution. Whether the business is early in its journey or well on its way to digital transformation, Google's solutions and technologies help chart a path to success. Android, YouTube, DeepMind, and G-suite, are just a few of the significant entities that come under the giant umbrella that is Google. Besides, to these standalone offerings, Google also outsources several projects to third-party solution providers, enabling them to design and develop products and services using the Google ecosystem.

A better, faster, stronger Google is in store for 2019. Google solutions are shifting from a solution that "helps you find answers" to one that "helps you get things done."  Mobile experience, online video, digital transformation, partnerships, chatbots, and Omni-channel are just some of the developments that will be impacting on digital marketing in the coming years.  It's giving consumers more authority over their privacy with new security features as well. Hopefully, these surpass trends can serve as a compass of sorts, for organizations looking to move their business and digital transformations forward. Google is also taking more steps into Augmented Reality (AR). AR has found tons of applications in enterprise workforce training. Hence, AR's development will ramp up in 2019.

At the top of the list still are Google cloud services, Android SDK, and API support that allow developers to design solutions, aggregating data from multiple sources. Most of these solutions can easily be integrated with existing ecosystems. Google lays the foundation for organizations to build digital infrastructures to achieve higher productivity, operational efficiency, and enhanced utility of the resources available.

Amongst these developments, myriad of Google technology solutions vendors are providing innovative solutions that help businesses experience the benefits of Google's products and solutions to the fullest. As there are a plethora of Google partners, choosing the appropriate vendor to ensure their every business needs are met becomes very crucial.

To address this challenge, we at CIO Review have analyzed scores of Google technology solution providers and selected the companies that are at the forefront of tackling the industry challenges. As a prelude to CIO Review's ten most Promising Google Technology Solution Providers, our distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, analysts and the editorial board of CIOReview has selected the final providers with extensive business process knowledge, along with in-depth, integrated, and innovative strategies in the Google technology arena. The listing provides an insight into how these solutions work in the real world so that organizations can gain a comprehensive understanding of the available technologies and the value they add to their enterprise.

In this edition of CIOReview, we present to you the “10 Most Promising Google Technology Solution Providers-2019.”  

    Top Google Technology Companies

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    BitTitan was founded to help IT professionals assess, deploy, and manage migrations, in both cloud and on-premises instances, through automation. The company provides an agile medium for the process of migrating mailboxes, documents, archives, and public folders of all different workloads. MigrationWiz by BitTitan is a SaaS-based, fully automated migration tool, which is equally capable in both GSuite or Office 365 migration scenarios. Voleer, a recently launched IT automation platform, offers a marketplace of templates for managing cloud applications. The focus of BitTitan right now lies on expanding much more into the premises of Gsuite and becoming a global IT Gateway

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    Founded in January 2018, Cameyo is the brainchild of Eyal Dotan, whose recognized that every business moving to the cloud still needed to provide their users with access to their critical Win-dows productivity applications, on any device. Since its inception, Cameyo has secured six partnerships with Google and hundreds of enterprise customers worldwide. Cameyo’s Windows Application Transformation Platform (ATP) modernizes the secure delivery of Windows desktop applications, making them accessible on any device from the browser. The company’s platform creates an optimized end-user experience in minutes, drastically reduces costs, and provides the choice of cloud, hybrid, or on-premises deployment

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    CloudBees is building the world’s first end-to-end automated software delivery system, enabling companies to balance governance and developer freedom. As a provider of software, the company’s solutions have been operating on a native Docker and Kubernetes architecture for almost two years. In addition, with CloudBees CodeShip, the company provides a SaaS-based continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) solution and we are designing our new major offering with a SaaS-first approach

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    Datametica is a global leading data warehouse migration and advanced analytics firm that enables companies to transform their legacy business data and analytics to the cloud, and in turn, improve enterprise efficiencies, reduce costs and enable new advanced use cases. Over the years, the firm has innovated and developed tools and automation capabilities for data warehouse modernization to the GCP Cloud. It offers Eagle, Raven, Condor, and Pelican tools to discover unknown complexities and validate data sets, move data to the GCP Cloud, automatically convert SQL and other code to Google BQ, validate data at the Petabyte scale, and significantly decrease the time, risk and cost of migration

  • 5

    Managecore is a certified SAP Partner and the leading provider of SAP Technical Managed Services. Utilizing highly skilled engineers and industry leading technology, Managecore is providing intelligent solutions for the enterprise customer. Managecore is also a recognized leader in SAP HANA transformations, Cloud solutions and Basis managed services

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    Whether it is assisting organizations on their journey toward the cloud, which could include an incremental move to cloud-native microservices, or taking advantage of DevOps methodologies, machine learning or artificial intelligence, Modern Systems empowers them by delivering solutions that are scalable, cost-effective and fully managed. With over 35 years of experience in leading assessments and conversions of legacy application and database code, Modern Systems provides its customers and partners with the best approach for their transformation journey. The company not only helps organizations meet their immediate needs, such as reducing IT costs, meeting compliance demands, and streamlining resources, it also uniquely helps them see the big picture and prepare for the future

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    Agosto is a leading company that develops cloud products and is also a Google Cloud Premier partner. The company offers a range of tools for the cloud and assists businesses in developing cloud applications. Agosto delivers expertise and intelligence to companies that require support for Google Cloud and assists with development, implementation as well as management. Google cloud platform is known to have the features of cost-efficiency and scalability, and Agosto simplifies its clients’ migration to it. The company also assists with G Suite and Chrome and helps clients create maps using Google map APIs

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    BEHAVOX is a pioneering enterprise that uses artificial intelligence to do behavioral analyses at workplaces in financial organizations. It helps in generating insights on employees through a range of software solutions, thereby assisting management in identifying and monitoring culture, compliance, risks, performance, and conduct. With these insights, BEHAVOX enables its client companies to make their organizations more streamlined and growth-oriented. The company was named as a Google Cloud Partner and is creating better opportunities for its clients through Google’s fast and secure cloud platform. It also joined Google For Education Partner Program

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    Confluent is an event streaming platform that helps businesses gain real-time visibility over data. Confluent helps in developing applications for its clients. Within its catalog of products are many tools that serve the Confluent’s event streaming capabilities. Recently, Confluent and Google Cloud Platform partnered to provide a managed version of Apache Kafka to clients migrating to Google Cloud. Users are able to move without having to rewrite systems into GCP’s native services as a result of Confluent Cloud on GCP. Confluent Cloud is the company’s reliable cloud platform that supports its real-time event streaming

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    DivvyCloud provides security, compliance, and governance solutions. The company’s multi-cloud security products and services provide comprehensive benefits to its clients. Identifying security risks and taking preventive steps enables protection from data breaches, improves transparency, and allows better management of permissions, authentications, and configurations. DivvyCloud’s automated compliance for clouds helps in staying compliant with many global standards. Governance of cloud is also simplified with DivvyCloud’s tools for asset inventory, global tagging, and unified controls. With this versatile range of offerings, the company supports its clients on several cloud environments, including Google Clouds