Top 10 Google Marketing Solution Companies - 2019

With more than half the world's population going online, the ability to connect with an end-user is primarily determined by the strength of digital marketing. Today, the method of interacting with customers are integrated with a full gamut of SEO optimization, customer acquisition, retention, engagement, pay-per-click, social media, search advertising, and more.  

Google as a significant player in the enterprise realm have paved the way for many enterprises to conquer the complex world of the internet. Google is adopting varied technological innovations to improve the enterprise marketing process. In the past, from allowing businesses to earn with Adsense to making them attract audiences through Adwords, Google has touched upon all the possible tangents of digital marketing. Large segments of companies rely on Google to reach out to the audiences across the digital platforms.

Finding the most suitable path to market a product or a service to the customer is imperative to the success of a business' marketing strategy. To effectively evaluate and augment customer experience, to generate higher ROI, and increase market share, most organizations are ascending their digital ballgame. Further, with the ubiquity of social media channels today, along with the continual rise of advanced multichannel analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and chatbots, marketing has come a long way from what it was a decade back.

Most digital marketing initiatives lay great emphasis on improving the UX, delving on aspects such as micro-moments and highly-targeted advertising. Concurrently, marketing campaigns are being continuously refined through the use of AI, helping businesses in improving their customer service. Consumers are now more sophisticated than ever and find their information through many channels. With Omni-channel marketing, organizations can provide a seamless and consistent communication process to prospects and customers across all channels. Moreover, search engines drive a considerable amount of traffic on Google. With accelerated mobile pages, organizations websites can render services faster, and this in-turn could improve the websites rank on Google searches while Progressive Web Apps exists as a middle ground between the normal responsive website and a native app, thus eliminating the app development costs. By using Augmented or virtual reality, organizations can release their product, test it, and reduce risks that prospects take right before selling the product to the prospects.

There are thousands of solutions and service providers that help enterprises navigate the complex realm of Google's products and services. CIOs and other decision-makers in the enterprise have to choose the best vendor that felicitously addresses business needs while deploying the apt solution. In the last few months, a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, and analysts, including CIO Review's editorial board has analyzed hundreds of Google marketing solution providers and shortlisted the companies that are at the forefront of innovation.

We present to you, CIO Review's "10 Most Promising Google Marketing Solution Providers 2019."

Top Google Companies

It is Creadits, which is a single global marketplace for advertising talent, using a unified currency. It is used internationally to acquire anything that is required to begin advertising, such as graphic design, video shoots, writing, campaign management, training, and even data. The platform provides a global view of talents and opportunities that help in getting involved in projects. Creadits unlocks and unifies advertising, across any platform, and around any geography. Beyond facilitating transactions, the Creadits platform makes creative and strategic recommendations that improve and predict campaign outcomes

Kukui works closely with its clients in order to understand businesses’ target audience and integrate Google Ads into their marketing plan, followed by generating a unique tracking number for monitoring the Google Ads lifecycle. Kukui has taken the potential of Google Ads down to the granular level to ensure clients a guaranteed success in enhancing profitability within the automotive sector, besides enjoying the top ranks in the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). Moving ahead of the Google Analytics platform that provides several clicks and impressions, Kukui aims to assist its clients in gaining real visibility into the success of their business with the aid of the Kukui Dashboard


Agosto is a leading company that develops cloud products and is also a Google Cloud Premier partner. The company offers a range of tools for the cloud and assists businesses in developing cloud applications. Agosto delivers expertise and intelligence to companies that require support for Google Cloud and assists with development, implementation as well as management. Google cloud platform is known to have the features of cost-efficiency and scalability, and Agosto simplifies its clients’ migration to it. The company also assists with G Suite and Chrome and helps clients create maps using Google map APIs


BEHAVOX is a pioneering enterprise that uses artificial intelligence to do behavioral analyses at workplaces in financial organizations. It helps in generating insights on employees through a range of software solutions, thereby assisting management in identifying and monitoring culture, compliance, risks, performance, and conduct. With these insights, BEHAVOX enables its client companies to make their organizations more streamlined and growth-oriented. The company was named as a Google Cloud Partner and is creating better opportunities for its clients through Google’s fast and secure cloud platform. It also joined Google For Education Partner Program


Confluent is an event streaming platform that helps businesses gain real-time visibility over data. Confluent helps in developing applications for its clients. Within its catalog of products are many tools that serve the Confluent’s event streaming capabilities. Recently, Confluent and Google Cloud Platform partnered to provide a managed version of Apache Kafka to clients migrating to Google Cloud. Users are able to move without having to rewrite systems into GCP’s native services as a result of Confluent Cloud on GCP. Confluent Cloud is the company’s reliable cloud platform that supports its real-time event streaming


Fleetsmith puts device management on auto-pilot by automating device setup, intelligence, patching, and security for the company’s Macs, iPhones, iPads, and Apple TVs. It also integrates with G Suite and Office 365 that empowers the companies to deploy quickly, patch, manage, and secure their devices over the internet. Fleetsmith was founded by former IT and security leaders from Dropbox and Fandom who combined their security engineering and IT expertise into an all-new approach to managing Macs. It is trusted by companies like Robinhood, Monzo, HackerOne, Patreon, Sentry, and more


As a leader in conversational commerce for automotive, Gubagoo provides a powerful digital retailing solution that can help dealerships to activate the online car buying experience from websites. Their fully managed live messaging service instantly connects consumers to dealers anytime and anywhere through live dealer chat, text, video, and Messenger. At the core of their solution is Gubagoo’s patented behavioral and scoring algorithm, which makes each human interaction more intelligent and highly personalized, and contributes to superior lead conversion. Over 4,000 dealerships, including a few worlds’ largest dealer groups, rely on Gubagoo to sell more cars and create satisfied customers


The inception of Spotinst took its first steps as a young programmer in MAMRAM, the elite technology Infrastructure unit of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). The Spotinst team members are computer experts who decided to dedicate their final project to the field of data-center efficiencies and Amazon Spot Instances utilization. The team has been helping customers save up to 90 percent on their computing costs from Web Applications, Containers, scientific computing, and more. The company works to revolutionize the way DevOps and R&D teams consume cloud computing. Spotinst provides an optimal framework for compute provisioning and cost-effective utilization

Tempus Nova

As a Google Enterprise solution, Tempus Nova holds its expertise in moving organizations from legacy systems to Google Cloud (G Suite & Google Cloud Platform). They specialize in project-based consulting, Google enterprise solutions, G Suite migrations, G Suite training, change management, cloud computing, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) application development. Nearly two million mailboxes have been migrated to the cloud by the platform. Google has leveraged its experience on behalf of their largest clients for pilots and full-scale migrations. Tempus Nova is a Google Cloud Premier Partner, a Google Cloud Platform Partner, and a Chrome and Maps Reseller


ThousandEyes delivers transparency into digital experiences, read over the Internet. The world’s largest companies rely on their platform, collective intelligence, and smart monitoring agents to get a real-time map. The map helps them to figure out how their customers and employees reach and experience critical apps and services across traditional, SD-WAN, Internet, and cloud provider networks. ThousandEyes provides cloud-ready, enterprise network monitoring that goes beyond traditional network management and allows viewing end-to-end across every system and service that impacts the client’s business. The platform improves digital experiences and ensures the success of cloud adoption and SaaS initiatives