Top 10 Google Marketing Consulting/Services Companies - 2020

Google has opened up many avenues for businesses to navigate the complex world of the internet. Since its inception, the multi-billion dollar company has evolved from being just a search engine to a global conglomerate that comprises some of the most prominent ecosystems and organizations upholding the digital revolution. While the back end of its solutions are extremely intricate and sophisticated, they have proven to be quite user-friendly and, have thus, been the go-to for users and vendors alike.

To effectively evaluate and augment customer experience, to generate higher ROI, and increase market share, most organizations and marketing consultants are ascending their digital ballgame. A myriad of Google technology solutions vendors are providing innovative solutions that help businesses experience the benefits of Google's products and solutions to the fullest. Whether a business is early in its journey or well on its way to digital transformation, Google's solutions and marketing technologies help chart a path to success. Additionally, there are thousands of solutions and service providers that help enterprises navigate the complex realm of Google's products and services. This is one of the driving factors that makes it hard for business leaders to partner with a vendor whose solutions and mission align with the organization’s objectives.

To help leaders navigate through the list of digital banking solution providers, our panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts and the editorial board of CIOReview has narrowed down the top solution providers and consulting/ service companies in this landscape who exhibit competence in delivering robust solutions and innovations. We present to you CIOReview’s “10 Most Promising Google Marketing Consulting/Services Companies - 2020.”

    Top Google Marketing Consulting/Services Companies

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    Bruce Clay Inc. is an award-winning global digital marketing agency and a leading provider of ethical search engine optimization services, consulting, and training. For the past 25 years, Bruce Clay Inc. has been helping companies rank their websites in search engines. As the company is search engine focused, its services also include content development and pay-per-click advertising management. With such diverse services, today, Bruce Clay Inc. meets the digital marketing requirements of clients across many industries

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    Columbia based Cut Throat Marketing offers an all-encompassing, no-nonsense approach to digital marketing. Using comprehensive assessments, they get to know each client and their company mission inside and out. Resulting in a digital marketing strategy that includes SEO, website strategy and design, and Google PPC management to edge out the competition and deliver a guaranteed return on investment. Cut Throat Marketing covers everything from meticulously analyzing the client's industry, to delivering detailed branding packages. Implementing a content-driven SEO strategy, along with PPC services guarantees a steady ROI as soon as their new website goes live

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    As an established and award-winning digital marketing consultancy, the company partners with clients to create (or refine) their digital strategies and related business processes to produce measurable results. Working as a Google Partner since 2007, the company has accumulated extensive knowledge of Google marketing tools. This enables them to serve their clients better. The company believes that a digital marketing strategy alone cannot help organizations to open up new opportunities for driving revenue growth. They need to execute the plans optimally. As such, instead of just conducting initial marketing meetings with clients, SMDigital works to understand how their operations teams work

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    The Plum Tree Group is a global digital agency that excels in the conversion of initial visitor experiences into higher level engagement, helping advertisers make the most out of their spending. The company helps brands design, build and bring to market products, services and experiences in the digital channel. The agency has four practice areas that it calls, the Centers of Excellence—Customer Acquisition Retention, Channel Optimization, Marketplace Strategy, and Strategy and Analytics. The Plum Tree Group treats each client uniquely, in a way that merchants succeed in creating differentiating experiences for every visitor—be it existing or new

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    Third Marble Marketing is on a mission to help small and medium businesses with access quality marketing tools and strategies. The company uses Google Ads to help clients attract more audiences and grow their clientele. Its USP is its strategy that focuses on finding the nearest product/service provider who can cater to the needs of the online user. Third Mobile uses Google’s AI-based smart models to gather relevant marketing data and activating the right automated models and ads. It also employs a number of tools, including a negative keyword list and a dedicated formula, to improve the marketing results for its clients

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    Winnow Pro Digital Marketing provides accessible and intelligent next-generation Marketing Technologies for efficient resource allocation and results management: bridging the gap between traditional marketing and an increasingly digital world. The company functions as an additional workforce for clients through its focused approach of measuring the effectiveness of ad campaigns via AI-powered technologies. Winnow has successfully serviced brands of varying sizes, from local businesses to global enterprises. The complexity of our solutions varies by company size, but the methodology for delivering results is applicable across regions, audience demographics, and revenue scales

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    Authority Solutions

    Authority Solutions

    Authority Solutions is a leading marketing agency that delivers Internet marketing and SEO services with integrity and propels customers’ business to the next level. Under its hood, the company provides services such as search engine optimization, web design, and pay-per-click. Authority Solutions infuses its stellar solutions and services to build a marketing strategy crucial for bringing web traffic. The company’s proficient team effectively designs a customer’s website to turn every visitor into their client. Authority Solutions caters to variety of industry verticals, ranging from medical to legal, real estate and e-commerce

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    KISS PR helps bring brand stories to life through its stellar SEO marketing strategies and services. From quality leads to phone calls, store visits to branding or local MAP rankings, KISS PR incorporates smart services to make customers’ website a revenue-driving machine. The company, through its services, provides attractive website design, Google-friendly SEO, Google PPC, and Social Media to create brands’ ideal customer to become a paying client! KISS PR enables customer grow their business growth by targeting the right audience through an effective marketing plan and cooks the perfect digital recipe that brings traffic to clients’ website

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    OuterBox is a nationwide leader in website design, eCommerce and SEO services. Founded in 2004, OuterBox now offers a team of nearly 50 industry experts under one roof. With a focus on driving leads and ultimately sales, the company measures their success against clients growing revenue

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    Proceed Innovative

    Proceed Innovative

    Proceed Innovative LLC helps companies extend brand awareness and drive sales through interactive marketing strategies, search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC) training, PPC management, creative SEO web design,website promotion and web analytics consulting. Today, the Internet is the most measurable, results-driven mass-marketing vehicle available. From the start, Proceed has been at the forefront, helping customers find powerful new ways to use the Internet to extend their brands and drive sales