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Jasmine Panayotov, CEO
A solid internet marketing strategy consists of many facets to help boost search engine rankings, traffic, and conversions. There is no universal digital marketing plan that will provide the right solution for every business. The team at Proceed Innovative has been helping businesses create and implement cost-effective internet marketing campaigns for over a decade. They take the time to understand the client’s business and marketing goals and create a customized solution with measurable results to help clients achieve their objectives.

The CEO of a Furniture Medic franchisee in Carol Stream, IL faced a peculiar predicament. Despite his team’s dedication to quality work and excellent customer service, the company was not generating enough leads through their website and was losing potential business due to a weak online presence. They were in desperate need to partner with a company that would assist them in boosting their digital marketing. And that’s where Proceed Innovative came in. By combining streamlined and innovative search engine marketing strategies and a newly redesigned website with unique features, Proceed Innovative helped this client drastically improve the number of monthly leads. “The essential part of the Furniture Medic marketing strategy was building micro-sites for them on (RMF), our lead generation website.RMF is a website built by Proceed Innovative to help generate quality sales leads in a cost-effective manner. RMF includes micro-sites for businesses in the disaster restoration, furniture restoration, and cleaning industries that contain geo-based, highly optimized service pages that appear high in the local search results,” says Jasmine Panayotov, the CEO of Proceed Innovative. In addition to building RMF micro-sites, Proceed Innovative also redesigned the client’s website with a fresh, mobile-responsive, and user- and SEO-friendly design.

The success and prowess of Proceed Innovative’s SEO and lead generation program are not confined to Illinois, neither do they end at few numbered clients. Over the years, they have emerged as one of the leading Google Partners to provide an innovative digital marketing approach to numerous small businesses and franchisee organizations all over the country.

The key to successful digital marketing is measuring well and adjusting strategies. Execute, measure, refine what does not work, multiply what works

When it comes to digital marketing, one of the major challenges that businesses face is measuring the ROI. Proceed Innovative’s approach assists the organizations in determining the outcome by creating websites that are optimized for desktop and mobile search. They implement many SEO elements based on the needs of the clients during the web design process, which in turn delivers a swift solution. “The key to successful digital marketing is measuring well and adjusting strategies. Execute, measure, refine what does not work, multiply what works,” says Jasmine.

Proceed Innovative is proud to be certified as a Google Partner and to be able to access and use the resources available to Google partners. The partnership also gives them the leeway to test new marketing tools and use research data to improve the performance and outcome for customers in various industries. Jasmine adds, “This allows us to stay on the top of the latest developments that Google initiates as we are able to work and learn from Google and use this expertise while delivering digital marketing services to our clients.”

Being at the forefront of marketing innovation, and one of the leading Google Partners, Proceed Innovative has been successful recently among franchise marketing for home healthcare companies. Moving ahead, Proceed Innovative will be working on an extensive growth plan by helping independent and franchised businesses in their digital marketing strategies. “Our goal is to work with more companies and deliver value to a wide range of industries,” concludes Jasmine.

Proceed Innovative

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Jasmine Panayotov, CEO

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