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Marilyn Hoeffner, General Manager
Google is driving innovation. Platforms and technology evolve at mind-blowing speed. Whether the changes manifest in the form of Google’s search algorithms, video advertising opportunities on YouTube, or programmatic display on the Google network; it’s a challenge for CIOs to stay up-to-date when digital best practices shift constantly.

Losing focus of a company’s digital brand presence can result in monetary losses, poor SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) rankings, and even damage a company’s reputation. Oklahoma-based BigWing Interactive crafts flexible digital marketing campaigns to protect B2B and B2C businesses against these threats and create an online presence that is worthy of their brands.

“We do it with creativity and proven technical skills in all areas of digital marketing such as SEO, paid search, programmatic display, website development, online marketing, social media and more,” says Marilyn Hoeffner, General Manager of BigWing Interactive.

BigWing has enjoyed rapid growth over the last five years because the company always provides customized online marketing strategies that reflect each client’s unique business and specific goals. BigWing evaluates their competitive space and target market to render the right mix of customized solutions focused on higher conversions and increasing revenue.

“The key to success is to measure results then analyze and adapt strategies based on the data,” Marilyn says. “As technology changes daily so does consumer behavior online. The key is to get your brand in front of the right consumers when they are making decisions.”This calculated approach enables BigWing to help clients to improve site traffic, online relations, and brand messaging.

In addition, BigWing stays on top of many technical innovations such as Google’s mobile-based voice search, Google Glass and other medical related technologies to apply the knowledge gained in these areas to create innovative marketing strategies for their clients.

“One area of interest is in Google’s health tracking and fitness devices which is pertinent to many of our numerous health-based clients,” says Marilyn.

We always do what is in best interest of our clients: their success is our success

One of these clients is INTEGRIS Health, the largest hospital network in Oklahoma. BigWing has partnered for years with Integris to increase brand awareness and search engine rankings helping them to become the dominant medical entity in their market. “Our work over the last four years steered nearly a million additional organic searchers to their site,” Marilyn explains. “Today we are helping to lead digital marketing efforts for their ‘I on Your Health campaign’ focused on promoting healthy living.”

These success stories reflect the company’s strong inclination towards the BigWing core values of stewardship, excellence, integrity and passion. Acknowledging that stewardship is the backbone of the company's success, Marilyn says, “We are true stewards of our customers’ businesses as we put 100 percent into meeting our clients’ campaign goals helping them to grow their business..”

This customer-centric outlook paired with the hard work of nearly 50 highly qualified team members and their parent organization, the Oklahoman Publishing Company, is the foundation for BigWing’s impressive growth.

In 2016, the company looks ahead to meeting the demand for high-caliber user experiences by adding more creative muscle.

“We will be adding to our creative staff over the next year to produce more great content such as compelling copy, graphic, video, and photo assets to build more compelling and powerful marketing campaigns,” she said. BigWing is also evaluating benefits of Google Glass virtual reality aps in order to meet marketing needs of their government and institutional clients, such as museums, colleges and tourism-based clients.

“In digital marketing, innovation dictates where the journey goes. Our team at BigWing is ready for the next destination,” says Marilyn.

BigWing Interactive

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Marilyn Hoeffner, General Manager

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