Project X Ltd: Scrutinizing Data through Visualization

Stephen Hayward, President
Since the advent of Google, it has been an effortless task to find any information on web—news, meanings of words, websites and the even exact location of places. In particular, Google Maps is changing the way we find location related information. This helps enterprises in discovering their business-centric locations towards increasing their customer base. Leveraging on Google Maps, ProjectX Ltd., a Toronto, ON, based company analyses map data to offer a location intelligence application through geo-coding.

Partnering with Google, ProjectX Ltd is scrutinizing data through their mapping solution known as GeoDash. The product is a light-weight location intelligence tool designed for easy integration of geo-spatial functions into Google Maps. “Our GeoDash product has the ability to interpret the nature of data and showcases a straight-forward approach to view and access data on a map,” says Stephen Hayward, President of ProjectX Ltd. Providing an enhanced visualization, the product is capable of plotting any location data on a map including, but not limited to, catastrophic events, customer, retail, and business centric locations.

ProjectX Ltd’s product titled IntelliSite helps to portray the interiors of a building, retail location, mine, or any type of facility. This product is an extension of the map, where it guides you on the performance of the structure of plan-o-gram module. It provides an extensive understanding of the store’s products with insights to improve customer experience. “This product can be implemented into facilities in order to gain more insight on the internal patterns within a building,” says Hayward. Additionally, ProjectX Ltd. offers a corporate performance management solution known as six degrees, a carbon footprint reporting application and analytics dashboards and reports. The firm's footprint is also present in Big Data and data management services.

The firm’s essence of service is its phenomena l approach to break through all the barriers in interpreting data.
For instance, an insurance client faced a challenge in interpreting a large volume of data that was hard to decipher and draw conclusions from. The client noticed a drastic change in being able to clearly see outliers and draw insights from their data in a matter of minutes. The client was then able to plot a catastrophic event and see the related claims and clients affected from the natural disaster. The operations and performance of the firm and all their challenges were surpassed— achieving success was a cakewalk for the firm after instituting the mapping solution, as it saved time, money and gave them an ability they were lacking previously.

We are on a pursuit of changing the idea of viewing data by visualization on a map and create a new path to access and interpret data

ProjectX Ltd is comprised of two firms; ProjectX Ltd delivers rapid results in the areas of strategy and transformation in data and analytics by providing valuable guidance, while ProjectX Labs Ltd supports and authenticates the evolution of products. “As a dual firm we desire to serve our clients and develop better value in terms of our service. We are able to rapidly deal with new analytics customers, larger data volumes, and innovate at a faster rate in our labs company,” claims Hayward. ProjectX Ltd strives to create new affiliations by collaborating more closely with clients to create successful projects.

Going forward, ProjectX Ltd desires to keep innovating and growing and establishing a stronger foothold in the industry. “We are on the pursuit of changing the idea of viewing data by visualizing on a map. We will be rolling out two major apps on GeoDash products shortly,” concludes Hayward.

Project X Ltd


Stephen Hayward, President

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