180fusion: Metric-Driven Search Engine Marketing for Business Growth

Scott Cohen, Co-Founder & CEO
180Fusion is an innovative Search Engine Marketing firm and one of America’s fastest growing private companies. Partnering with Google, 180fusion offers multiscreen strategies to attribute, evaluate, and optimize the entire consumer journey.

180fusion strongly believes that “to be seen, you need to be found.” That’s getting harder. In a world of laptops, smartphones, tablets, and smart televisions, people work seamlessly across multiple devices and screen types. At a given moment consumers’ device choices depend on location, available time, state of mind, the type of content they want to access, and more. “Understanding this cross-platform consumer behavior is essential to success in digital marketing,” says Scott Cohen, Co-founder and CEO of 180fusion. “Businesses need to be visible in every part of the customer's non-linear purchase path.”

180fusion helps SMBs and Fortune 1000 companies alike to increase sales, generate qualified leads, and expand market share, using all major digital marketing channels. The company’s suite of integrated products includes SEM (Search Engine Marketing), National and Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC Management (Pay-per-Click), Mobile Search, and Social Media Marketing.

Every 180fusion Internet marketing consultant, analyst, and account manager is Google Certified, receives customized training from Google, and has years of experience managing successful online marketing campaigns. But the company relies on more than marketing expertise and proprietary technology. It seeks a deep understanding of clients’ customers, competitors, challenges, and resources, and, most importantly, how clients define success. “We take an integrated approach,” states Cohen. “We don’t just launch a PPC campaign or social media marketing program and then stand back and hope it works. We’re constantly measuring results and tracking customer behavior to maximize the client’s ROI,” he adds.

With its reach in the market, Google is a key partner in 180Fusion’s successful digital marketing campaigns.
“We are thrilled to partner with Google to help companies grow profitably online,” says Cohen. “Our unique benefits as a Google Partner include new product opportunities and beta programs that keep 180fusion ahead of the curve,” he adds.

180fusion’s success stories include helping Hornblower Cruises and Events, one of the largest charter cruise lines in North America, to improve the performance of their SEO, PPC, and S o c i a l Media efforts. 180fusion’s complete onsite SEO audit identified ways to make the website more SEO-friendly. 180Fusion was able to improve the quality of all online listings associated with each of the client’s physical locations, and used automated tools to fix data discrepancies across listings. A full Google Analytics account rebuild improved tracking of traffic and revenue.

“Over six months location visibility improved exponentially, from 3,041 to 2.48 million monthly views,” says Cohen. “Because of these SEO improvements and our other marketing efforts, Hornblower Cruises sold out their entire summer schedule of dinner cruises months earlier than expected, and successfully beat their annual revenue growth goals after just three quarters of their fiscal year,” declares Cohen.

We are thrilled to partner with Google to help companies grow online in a profitable way

180fusion wants to establish itself as the defacto standard for metric-driven digital marketing campaigns. “With our momentum in the market, our partners hip with Google, and our ability to adapt our technology to the changing digital landscape, 180fusion is well positioned to provide unique insights and thought leadership to help clients succeed online,” Cohen concludes.


Los Angeles, CA

Scott Cohen, Co-Founder & CEO

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