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Google Container Registry to Facilitate Reliable and Faster Software Storage Service

By CIOReview | Friday, January 30, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Google announces the introduction of Google Container Registry beta version on its public cloud to store software for deployment with secure hosting, sharing and management facilities.

The new container registry service enables customer to securely store private images in Google Cloud Storage where access is given only to members of the project. The user can push and pull images through the Google Cloud Software Development Kit (SDK) command line which will be accessible by container host Virtual Machines (VMs). The images are secured and protected through encryption before writing to disk.

Google Container Registry service can be installed easily without extra cost if user already has Google Cloud Platform project with billing enabled. Along with it, the customer also needs to install Docker and Google Cloud SDK.

The new registry service enables private images to be stored in Google Cloud Storage that will be saved temporarily in datacenters offering deployment to Google Container Engine cluster or Google Compute Engine container optimized Virtual Machines (VMs). The deployment is expected to be faster and reliable with Google Cloud Platform’s Andromeda based network fabric.

“Docker registry availability, security, performance, and durability become more and more critical as more of our Compute Engine applications are containerized with Docker,” says Steve Reed, Principal Engineer, Core Engineering at zulily, an online retailer. “Google's container registry provides us with a complete Docker registry that we integrate into our development and deployment workflow with little effort.”