Five Ways Savvy Marketers Get Great Results with Google Tools
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Five Ways Savvy Marketers Get Great Results with Google Tools

June Li, Managing Director, ClickInsight
June Li, Managing Director, ClickInsight

June Li, Managing Director, ClickInsight

You need three resources – people, process and organization ­to extract value from data and analytics. Guess what? People are the most important ingredient (and this is a died-in-the-wool quant saying this!)

Read on for 5 stories about innovative marketers using Google tools to get awesome results. Note that there isn’t one silver bullet but many. The hero’s of each stories are the people who wrestled down the data, the tools, and the opportunity.

Ease Up Access to Data. Transform Culture.

Awesome shopping satisfaction is what Gilt Grouped is all about. From the shiny speedy shopping experience, to the inspiring merchandise, to the gleaming box that arrives with every order, it’s designer all the way.

“Google provides powerful enterprise class marketing technology tools.”

Gilt decided to collect custom data with Google Analytics 360 (formerly known as Google Analytics Premium), providing their employees with super-easy access to microscopically detailed data for every customer (previously, a small team had managed and reported on data).Because Google Analytics 360is so easy to use and understand, regular use quickly zoomed to over 100 employees.

It transformed the culture. Regular use of detailed data is now deeply ingrained. On a weekly basis, hundreds of ad-hoc reports are created to answer specific business questions. With fresh data available continuously, employees are empowered to investigate and analyze on a whim, resulting in better, faster decisions at all levels.

Car Insurance Company Digs into Before-The-Crash Data

Supporting one of the largest auto insurance providers in the United States,’s website has been recognized as best-in-class since 2004.They are eager to maintain this quality with their mobile apps.

Progressive turned to the Mobile App versions of Google Analytics 360and Google Tag Manager to detect and collect interaction data at a granular level. Custom reports enabled in-depth behaviour analysis by mobile device model, OS, system version and more.

Insights were used to prioritize testing, and testing time was reduced by 20 percent. Significant improvements were achieved – e.g. after analyzing login fails, new processes led to successful logins increasing by a full 30 percent.

Progressive has innovatively re-purposed this wealth of data to reduce app crashes, by analyzing what users were doing just before a crash. In one case, the cause was found to be not in the app but the result of a server-side issue. Once identified, it was rapidly fixed.

News of these successes quickly permeated the organization. A new data-driven culture is rising, as eager-beaver analysts creatively push data and analysis to deliver the best-in-class service that customers expect from Progressive.

Rain? Snow? Email? Download?

Checking the weather? Chances are you’ll use a mobile app.

AccuWeather, the world’s largest weather media company, wanted to track everything from email opens to app use in one place. But typically, email open-rates are counted only by the email system. And if the email causes an app download, that action is also counted separately.

Google’s Measurement Protocol can send data from any internet-connected device to Google Analytics. For AccuWeather, this meant that feature phones and app stores – sources of previously-unavailable interactions –were suddenly accessible. Google Analytics 360 is now their central repository of interactions for all digital products.

AccuWeather can now more accurately identify the source of app downloads – hello, improved monetization strategy! As bonus, the once-invisible data from the 10 percent of mobile traffic generated by non-JavaScript phones is also available for analysis.

Cruising Through to Higher Bookings

If capturing data means jousting with your IT team? It’s not going to happen. Yet AIDA, a leading vacation cruise provider, used Google tools to improve data quality and increase bookings, while reducing organizational friction.

Using Google Tag Manager, AIDA cut the time to track new web interactions from an average of 21 days to a single day. No surprise, AIDA started tracking many more interactions they were previously blind to.

Google Analytics 360 allowed AIDA to quickly analyze large volumes of data created by the additional tracking. And once they gained a deeper understanding of abandoned purchases, they nimbly adjusted marketing tactics.

People do not buy a cruise in one visit – research by Google and Shopper Sciences showed the average traveler uses whopping10.2 online sources. For AIDA, this number was a challenge and an opportunity.

By pairing remarketing and Google Analytics 360, visitors that select but do not book are now shown AIDA ads as they visit other sites. As well, when they use Google Search for the same destination, chances are increased that they will return to book their cruise with AIDA.

For any market where comparison shopping is typical and single-visit purchasing is unlikely, AIDA’s approach will almost certainly bear fruit.

Granular + Google =Great Results

87 percent lower post-click cost per acquisition. 69 percent higher post-click sales.

Impressive, right? Let me tell you about BT, a multinational UK-based telecom company.

When remarketing, most organizations bring shoppers back based on whether a person visited certain pages. Using segmented data insights from Google Analytics 360, BT acted on more specific behaviours:

 • How recent was the last visit?

 • Where did they come from?

 • How many times have they been to the site?

 • How long were their visits?

 • What journey did they take through the site?

 • What stage were they at in the cart process when they abandoned?

Programmatic remarketing with Google’s DoubleClick Bid Manager then reached out on multiple platforms:

 • DoubleClick Search reached visitors via paid search.

 • DoubleClick for Publishers reached those who had clicked on non-sales-related content.

 • BT YouTube video-watchers (and clickers) also received special attention.

With these results, it’s no surprise that BT expanded its programmatic media buying for direct response.

Empower Your Analysts!

At ClickInsight, new clients come to us for help with tools and technical issues. But as time goes on, our greatest contribution is in supporting and enabling their technical ingenuity. I chose these stories because they show how eager enabled analysts always find ways to push the data harder – and get great results. 

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